Base Cabinet Options

A base cabinet is designed to sit under the countertop of a kitchen or bathroom. Base cabinets are the largest storage area of a cabinet system with a typical depth of 24 inches. At Abbot Hill Cabinetry  we offer you a huge selection of base cabinets to cover all your design needs.  From standard base cabinets to drawer bases and specialty cabinets, we have you covered.

Bathroom Cabinet Options

Bathroom cabinets are widely considered to have the most impact in a bathroom redo, but choosing from the mile-long list of options can be overwhelming. You’ll find yourself pondering unassembled versus finished cabinets, stock versus custom, contemporary versus country and maple or cherry, to name a few.  Our team can help you choose the right cabinets to fit your space and your lifestyle.

Tall Cabinet Options

Many tall cabinets are used storage  since their floor-to-ceiling height allows for shelves that  accommodate tall storage items such brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners or pantries. Whether for added design or  storage, tall  cabinets bring a fresh look and much needed functional space to any kitchen or room of your house.

Wall Cabinet Options

When considering kitchen wall cabinet options the first decision should be construction-related. If you’ve got a very specific design in mind—or a particularly unique space—the best decision will be to hire our team at Abbot Hill Cabinetry to create fully customized wall cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom or other room.


Our wood carvings are more than decorative elements accessorizing your home. They are  design elements that complement any room in your house. Our carvings are available from many different sources. Call us today (239) 260 – 5246 or visit our showroom for more details about carvings.