Amish Custom Kitchens Returns To The Quality Of Yesterday And Leaves You Smiling For Years To Come.

Amish Custom Kitchens Returns To The Quality Of Yesterday And Leaves You Smiling For Years To Come.

Welcome to Abbot Hill Cabinetry

The quality of any furniture is tested on two parameters: durability and style. A company that offers you both, is what you should go for!

Abbot Hill Cabinetry LLC specializes in custom remodeling and renovation of interiors, with handmade, solid wood, and covering cabinetry and all kinds of furniture. Our furniture is built to last, and we take pride in the high standard of excellence that we put into every piece we make.


Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority!

With Abbot Hill Cabinetry LLC’s custom Amish furniture, you return to the quality of yesterday. We work with you to personalize your furniture, for each piece to suit your home. Every project matters to us, which is why you will see attention-to-detail in every piece that we build.

About Our Style

Abbot Hill Cabinetry makes authentic handmade cabinetry of the Old Order Amish craftsmanship. Each piece is of the highest quality, constructed using solid woods and traditional construction methods, such as mortise tenon joinery and dovetailing, which make installation less complicated.

From design to installation, we, at Abbot Hill Cabinetry LLC, are here to turn your dream into reality. We will assess your space, and provide ideas on how to design an amazing, functional, and welcoming interior that matches your vision as well as needs.

However, we do need to consider space and positioning for utility, design, and budget before starting the work.

The Process

At Abbot Hill Cabinetry LLC, we understand that with so many choices in style and options, buying a piece of our furniture can be a little bit overwhelming. That is why, to help make it easy for you, we have developed a simple step-by-step approach, which includes:

  • Making a list of must-have items.
  • Design consultations in our showroom.
  • Sampling.
  • Clear, and straightforward communication.

With the goal of building furniture that completes your vision, stands strong through the decades, and warms your home, we, at Abbot Hill Cabinetry, strive to create designs that will match your dreams.

So, if you see something that you like, but it isn’t quite what you are looking for? No Problem!

All our products are built-to-order, therefore customizing is a breeze!



Abbot Hill Cabinetry LLC